Assessment Types

Introduction There are numerous forms of tests that are available for a psychologist or counselor to use to identify what level a person is at in relation to their peers. There assessment that look at your intellectual abilities. There are tests that assist in projecting a future career. That are test that can aid inContinue reading “Assessment Types”

Positive Pyshology Approaches

Positive Psychology Approach The Positive Psychology Approach is in a way an umbrella of activities, techniques, exercise, intervention, and coaching. This approach can be used in groups, work settings, employees, and students. This method is utilized to enhance anyone who desires to advance their satisfaction within their personal and professional life. The goal is toContinue reading “Positive Pyshology Approaches”

Epigenetic of Drug Use

Epigenetics is the study of the human body’s genomes, what their purpose is, how they are genetically inherited, and influence through environmental (Nutrition, chemical, physical, Psychosocial) factors that can activate or deactivate a single genome. At the change of the century, the genetic mapping of the human strain of DNA was believed to lead toContinue reading “Epigenetic of Drug Use”

Clinical Assessment in Mental Health Settings

The Purpose and Importance of Clinical Assessment in Mental Health Settings There are numerous forms of assessments that are engaging with purpose, importance, effectiveness in clinical settings. Clinical assessments provide a medical professional with reason, emotions, and insight into a client’s thinking process. An assessment will provide a given look at the overall mental capacityContinue reading “Clinical Assessment in Mental Health Settings”

Life Skills and Addiction

Common Life Skills Missing from Addiction Clients in Counseling There are a variety of life skills that are of necessity required for combating addiction. Self-help, cognitive thinking, critical thinking, job preparedness, financial training, and relapse prevention are all of the equal weight in the addict’s road to recovery. Often more than not some or allContinue reading “Life Skills and Addiction”

Leadership in Group Therapy

Introduction Group counseling attends to those that could benefit from a social group of individuals with common issues that have a desire to reach a common goal. Group therapy tends to be anywhere between five to fifteen people, with at least one health professional presiding over the group. Group therapy sessions are created to treatContinue reading “Leadership in Group Therapy”


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